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Spirit of Prophecy

Illustrated Desire of Ages

(Ellen G White - 1056 pages)

AN EXCELLENT GIFT!. The complete book with 213 illustrations plus Reader's Guides to the Life of Christ. Bible Stories for the Family, Special Map Section, Precious Promise Passages, Complete Map Section and 3 indexes. The Desire of Ages is a proven source of inspiration and enlightenment to millions of readers all over the world. And with good reason... [Click for more info ->]

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Daughters of God

(Ellen G White - 281 pages)

Lord how shall I best serve and glorify Thy name in the earth How shall I conduct my life to make Thy name a praise in the earth, and lead others to love, serve, and honor Thee? Let me only desire and choose Thy will. Let the words and example of m,y Redeemer be the light and strength of my heart. While I follow and trust in Him, He will not leave me to perish. He shall be my crown of rejoicing.

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Absolutely Positively

(Ellen G White - 246 pages)

A collection of specific commands for the Christian life, taken from the writings of Ellen G. White and the Holy Scriptures. See what the scriptures have to say about: Character, The Sabbath,  Faith and Prayer, The Bible, Romances and Marriage, Health.... [Click for more info ->]

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A Solemn Appeal

(Ellen G White - 92 pages)

A Solemn Appeal contains articles by Ellen G. White which first appeared in the book, A Solemn Appeal Relative to the Solitary Vice and Abuses and Excesses of the Marriage Relation, published in 1970 by the Steam Press of Battle Creek. Articles Include: "Appeal.... [Click for more info ->]

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Victory Through Christ

(Ellen G White - 128 pages)

"He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and purge His people as gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness. ... Every self-denial and sacrifice made for Christ enriches the giver, and every suffering and reproach endured for His dear.... [Click for more info ->]

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God's Love for Man

(Ellen G White - 32 pages)

It's the age-old question finally answered - if God really does love us, why does He allow such terrible things to happen? In this eye-opening book, you'll learn, What does "God's love" really mean? How can you know He really loves you? Can God.... [Click for more info ->]

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