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Spirit of Prophecy


(Ellen G White - 310 pages)

Through the years, Ellen G. White urged everyone, both young and old, to practice temperance and to promote it vigorously. Although society has changed markedly since Mrs. White lived and wrote, the principles she stressed regarding temperance remain remarkably relevant to contemporary.... [Click for more info ->]

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Humble Hero

(Ellen G White - 382 pages)

Jesus is both human and God. As the Son of Man, He gave us an example of how to live on this earth. As the Son of God He saves us from our sins so that we might live with Him in eternity. No one has had more impact on Earth than Jesus. Today, He calls to us to believe in Him and.... [Click for more info ->]

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Prophets & Kings H/C

(Ellen G White - 752 pages)

Volume 2, Prophets and Kings, opens with the story of Solomon's glorious reign over Israel and ends with the nation's exile and captivity. It traces the history of a favored and chosen people, vacillating between allegiance to God and to the gods of the nations around them..... [Click for more info ->]

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Last Day Events P/B

(Ellen G White - 329 pages)

In 1992 the trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate, in cooperation with Pacific Press Publishing Association, released a new compilation of Ellen White statements about the end times entitled, Last Day Events. The new work took statements from published books, manuscript collections,.... [Click for more info ->]

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Counsels on Diet & Food P/B

(Ellen G White - 511 pages)

Scripture commands, " eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31). With this counsel as a cornerstone, the author offers inspired advice on an often neglected factor in religion: how to eat for optimum health. The compilers have.... [Click for more info ->]

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Christian Service

(Ellen G White - 280 pages)

The Science of Soul Winning God might have chosen unfallen angels as His representatives on earth. Instead he chose us. "Every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary. He who drinks of the living water becomes a fountain of life" (The Desire of Ages, p. 195)..... [Click for more info ->]

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Gospel Workers

(Ellen G White - 535 pages)

This is a revised and enlarged compilation from the writings of Ellen G. White. It has become a highly prized handbook of counsel and instruction to ministers and to all other missionary workers connected with the Seventh-day Adventist movement. Contents Sections Called With a Holy.... [Click for more info ->]

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