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Judgment and Hell

(Jim Ayer - 32 pages)

With down-to-earth language woven into a skillful yet pragmatic Bible study. Jim Ayer shines the light of Bible truth to reveal a God who always acts with justice, mercy, and most importantly, absolute love and fairness. This sharing book is the perfect way to knock down walls of unbelief, stumbling blocks, and falsehoods.

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Pr Austin Cooke's Complete CD Sermon Collection in Zipper Album

(Austin Cooke - 40 CDs)

On Saturday evening, August 8, at the age of 98, Pastor Cooke passed to his rest. After a difficult childhood, and then finding the Advent message as a teenager, Pastor Cooke dedicated his life to preaching and defending the ‘Present Truth’ of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His life was one of energetic and passionate commitment to Jesus. He was an outstanding evangelist working both in Australia and New Zealand. [Click for more info ->]

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