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Adam and Eve, Creation's Couple

(Ellen G. White - 109 pages)

The story of Adam and Eve is not just a beginning but an ending also. In the Bible we learn how God created Adam and then Eve, and we watch life unfold in their work, their love, and their fall.
This incredible story of Adam and Eve sets the stage for the greater story of how God will ultimately remove forever sin from all His redeemed. [Click for more info ->]

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How to Raise the Remnant

(Scott Ritsema - 3 DVDs)

In his first parenting seminar, Raising the Remnant, author and speaker, Scott Ritsema reported on the latest research on Christian parenting. We now know what successful Christian parents are like! But, it begs the question: How? How do we apply the findings from these studies in our own homes? [Click for more info ->]

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