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Christ In Song Vol 4

(F. E. Belden - 1 CD)

Volume four is a rich blend of songs that will lead from repentance and restoration to relationship and witness. These songs will fill the receptive heart with a higher spiritual life. Our prayer is for God to minister these messages to each listener. [Click for more info ->]

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Spiritual and Physical Health, Now and for the Better Land MP3 C

(Jim Brackett - 1 MP3)

In this seminar series Pr. Jim Bracket is sharing his years of study and research with us. He will address questions like Why has the book of Hebrews led some to lose confidence in the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of Jesus’ special ministry which began in 1844? Why has there been a delay in Christ’s return of nearly 170 years? How is this all connected to a ‘wedding’ which takes place in heaven in the absence of the bride? [Click for more info ->]

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